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1 Full Day Corporate Training

This is for 1 full day of Tim Burd training your staff. This can be conducted in person if you are local or over skype, phone call etc.

Depending on location and timing there may be an extra charge if you wish for Tim to come to your office but this is certainly an option.

We cover everything from

  • automating tasks in your business
  • landing page speed optimization
  • conversion rate optimization
  • implementing Multi Variate Testing
  • re-working landing pages and funnels
  • improving up-sells, cross-sells, down-sells and more
  • improving all ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Native ads and more
  • and much much more


I meet with every department of your business to quickly make your business more efficient and more profitable right away. Everything I cover can be implemented within just days and some within hours.

The average result of my clients is to double or triple their profit after just 2 days of training your staff how to do everything properly. Imagine your profits could double or triple within just a few days. What would that be worth to you over the first month? What about the first year? We are talking hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars of increased profit.


If your company is doing over $1M profit monthly, I will waive my upfront fee and do this consulting for a revenue share on the increased profits. If I don't deliver increased profits, you pay nothing. When I do deliver results, you pay a % of the increased profit. This will end up costing you more than just paying my fee but its a great no-risk option I like to offer as I am very confident in my results. 


Buy now and you will get an email from us asking for scheduling information and what exactly you are looking for. Thanks! If you have any questions feel free to Live Chat with us using the icon on the bottom right of your screen.


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