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Platinum Monthly Consulting Package

After many requests I have finally decided to offer a monthly consulting program.

This Platinum Package is limited to the first 10 people who sign up only. I decided to offer this since my in-person masterminds are currently postponed due to the pandemic. This program is month to month with no long term commitment. 

On average after just one month of this program you should see a 50% increase in your overall profit at least, typically its 100% increase (double). If doubling your profit in the next month or more would make you at least the cost of this package it should be a no brainer for you to sign up and try it for a month at least.

With this package you get one hour+ long 1-on-1 call a week so we can look at your business, campaigns and landing pages together to help you optimize, scale and increase your profit fast. You also get my personal cell phone number to text questions and get answers fast.

This is fairly straightforward. What you receive with this is access directly to me to ask questions and advice. This includes everything from:

  • doing intros for you to whoever you may need in my sphere of influence
  • access to all of the speeches, presentations etc that I own
  • helping you optimize your facebook ad campaigns
  • helping you multi-variate test your landing pages to double your sales and profit
  • answer questions about how to scale your business
  • helping give you advice on how to improve your products
  • helping give you advice on how to improve your funnels
  • help vetting potential internet companies you are looking at buying or investing in
  • introducing you to talented programmers, video editors etc
  • giving you ideas how to monetize your traffic better
  • walking you through starting a brand new company whether lead gen, ecom, subscription products, info business etc

This program is customized to exactly what you need.

It also comes with a lot of perks!

Included with this program is FREE access to one of my masterminds this year

You get direct access to my cell phone number so you can ping me anytime. 

Lets take your business and networking to the next level!


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