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Facebook and E-Commerce Mastery Live San Diego 2019 Replay

This replay was from Jan 2019 and in this I go over my Shotgun 2.0 Method for Facebook Advertising. The other speakers at this did an incredible job also and you get all their speeches included too. Thats 2 full days and 17 speakers including the Rush brothers, Nicholas Kusmich, Van Oakes, Dimitris Nikolakakis, Maxwell Finn, and more!


What You Will Learn:

Larry Kim

CEO • Mobile Monkey
He innovated the SEM game with WordStream and exited for $150MM. Now he's set to revolutionize Messenger Marketing.

 Nicholas Kusmich

One of the world's top lead generators gives his formula for filling agency lead funnels, and his top strategies for creating consistent, reliable, and scalable growth.

 Van Oakes

CMO • Diesel Sellerz
Built an 8 Figure Ecommerce Empire for T.V. Reality Show, Diesel Brothers with Facebook Ads

Tim Burd

Founder, AdLeaks
Audience Testing Game-Changer: Tim Burd, creator of the Bully, Shotgun, and Surfing Methods for scaling Facebook Ads, gives his top new insights

Maxwell Finn

Co-Founder • Unicorn Innovations
Recognized by Fortune 500 Companies as One of the World's Top Facebook Ads Conversion Experts

Dimitris Nikolakakis

Founder • EPOCH Agency
Cold Traffic to 8X ROAS on Clothing with Facebook Ads Video Sequencing

Sam Venning

Co-Founder, Head-Buyer • YCOMMERCE
How to Scale Relentlessly: Zero to a Million in Just 30 Days

Jason Kryski

President • Uncoil.ai, Strawhouse
Learn the Creative Leadership Strategies I Use to Unlock the Potential of Media Buying Teams

Jordan Menard

CEO Longform Creative Company
He thinks your Facebook Ads naming conventions suck and he's going to give us the naming template and systems you need to fix it.

Corey & Keegan Rush

Founders, Blue Pack Marketing
Ecommerce Branding to Love Or Let Die: The Rush Brothers give the blueprint they've used to sell over $100MM in branded apparel

Josh Elizetxe

Founder, Snow Teeth Whitening
Ecommerce Dream Wilder: Use Josh Elizetxe's “Who First“ methodology to hire your true dream team and build partnerships with icons

John Coyle

Founder, Explosive Growth Marketing
With experience in SEO, all kinds of paid traffic, and marketing automation he has realized that the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.

Chase Harmer

CEO • PayCertify
Find Revenue You Didn't Know You Had: Breaking Down the Fintech Ecosystem

Alex Brown

CMO • DFO Global Commerce
How to Expand Ecommerce Operations and Media Buying Globally

Jordan Rolband

CEO • DFO Global Commerce
How to Expand Ecommerce Operations and Media Buying Globally

Philippe Roireau

Head of Partnerships at Gorgias.io
Learn the customer service strategies that allow ecommerce brands to sustain and scale