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Mykonos Retreat July 2020

This is for a fun retreat in an amazing city and an all day adventure on a massive yacht!  

This is all about networking and fun, there won't be any speeches or anything like that so relax and have a drink! This is about bonding. Making life long friends. Expanding your network. 

This takes place July 12-15 in Mykonos, Greece right after my Barcelona Mastermind!

EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED. The only thing you need to pay for is your hotel and airfare 

Everyone stays at the same hotel


July 12: Fly from Barcelona (or wherever you are) and check into the hotel around noon. We will all meet and settle into our rooms, have some drinks, work a bit if you want, swim in the pool etc. Then we all get together for a group dinner and who knows what happens after!

July 13: Relax and work a bit during the day if you want or swim in the pool then at night its a huge group dinner and time to hit the bars and lounges! (some people usually head back to the hotel for more low key stuff also if you want)

July 14: YACHT DAY! I have rented a HUGE yacht and we will be on it all day! Words cannot describe how amazing and beautiful this is. Seriously, this is life changing and every single person that went last year was blown away by the beauty. We also rent jet ski's for everyone for a couple hours at one of the beaches!

July 15: We eat breakfast, relax a bit and checkout at about noon.

BONUS: Professional footage of the entire retreat for you to keep forever!

EXTRA BONUS: Get the low $50/month price on a premium Ad Leaks membership for LIFE! 

These kind of events build life long and deep relationships. Everyone coming is someone you want to know and build a relationship with. Its relaxing, fun and truly will be the best time of your life. See you in Mykonos!