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Phuket Retreat 2018

This is for a fun retreat in Phuket at amazing villas and an all day adventure on a massive yacht! 

This is all about networking and fun, there wont be any speeches or anything like that so relax and have a drink! It is limited to 35 people.

This takes place Dec 8-11. We will all be staying together in 3 massive villas all next door to each other. Each villa has its own pool, chef, maids etc.

Hangout with the VIPs: Tim Burd, The Tan Brothers, Eric Dyck, Maxwell Finn, Nick Shackelford, Depesh Mandalia and other VIPs will be attending. Want some quality time with us? Here is your chance!

EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED. All food, drinks, housing, yacht etc is all included! You just have to get yourself to and from Phuket!

Everyone will have their own bedroom and bathroom also. You can buy just one ticket and bring a significant other but you must specify when checking out as there is only so much room on the yacht so I need to make sure we have room. If this changes I will change it here on the page so any future signups will know they can't bring anyone with them so buy now while there is room!

Last year we had 20 people and everyone had the time of their lives. It was truly an amazing experience and we all became life long friends. 


Dec 8: Fly from Bangkok (or wherever you are) to Phuket and check into the villas around noon. Have some drinks, work a bit if you want, swim in the pool etc. Group dinner and drinks

Dec 9: Relax and work a bit during the day if you want or swim in the pool then at night its a huge group dinner in Phuket and time to hit the bars and lounges!

Dec 10: YACHT DAY! I have rented a HUGE yacht and we will be on it all day checking out Phi Phi Island, Monkey Beach and then James Bond Beach! Words cannot describe how amazing and beautiful this is.

Dec 11: We eat breakfast and checkout